Company Profile

Sharpe Properties, Inc. started on April 17, 2003, and is an independently owned company.  The vision then, as it is now, is to build a company on the foundation of trust, dependability and quality service from everyone.

Sharpe Properties Office

The mission was to assemble a team of people who shared the same values as mentioned above, including a job well done and satisfied clients above everything else.

Buying or selling a residential home or commercial property can be a complicated process to manage. The public needs to know that the agents that are representing them know what they are doing; they need to know the market, the neighborhoods, and the community.

When you hire an independent agent from Sharpe Properties Inc, you will not be disappointed.

Sharpe Properties Office

To date, Sharpe Properties does not charge any monthly fees to its agents who act as independent contractors working under the real estate broker. The only fees the agents pay are quarterly MLS fee, the yearly E&O fee, and Board dues. Commission splits are 50/50.

We are a growing company, always welcoming new real estate agents into the company. We have seasoned professionals as well working in the company. Recently we incorporated a Holding Company for Real Estate Licenses; “Greektown Escrow for Real Estate Licenses, Inc”.

We look forward to working with you in making all of your real estate transactions successful.